Street Works Manual

protected streets: A street is considered to be in protected status for a period of five years from the date it was last resurfaced or reconstructed. The purpose of placing a street in protected status is to maintain the integrity of a new street surface.

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Chapter 3: Permits and Approvals

3.3.2 Application Procedures for a Street Opening Permit

Street Opening Permits are required for excavations or other work in a city street that disturbs the street surface.

Outlined below are the basic application procedures for Street Opening Permits. These are in addition to the "Common Requirements" listed at the beginning of this section. Additional requirements are contained in Sections 2-02 and 2-11 of the Highway Rules at and should be consulted before any work is performed on the street.

  1. Street Opening Permits are designated as the "01" permit series, meaning all permits in this category begin with "01." Listed on the following page are the most commonly requested Street Opening Permit types which may be used when completing an application. A separate permit is required for each street opening activity.
  2. All Street Opening permit types usually allow for work within 300 linear feet by a width of 12 feet. Other conditions may apply, such as a variation in the distance and width of the job, which may increase the fee required. For further information regarding fees, the applicant should refer to Section 2-03 of the Highway Rules.
  3. An application for a Street Opening Permit on a protected street will automatically be placed on a Street Arterial Maintenance (SAM) hold if the proposed work is to start within 18 months of the street being resurfaced or resconstructed. The hold is to review the proposed work and set conditions for the work and/or the street restoration. More information on this and other "holds" that may be placed on permit applications can be found in Section 3.5 Other Provisions Pertaining to Permits of this chapter.

Information on restoration requirements following street openings/excavations can be found in Chapter 4 Executing Work in the Street.

Protected Streets Listing

A street is considered to be protected for five years from the date it was last resurfaced or reconstructed. The purpose of placing a street in protected status is to maintain the integrity of a new street surface.

The list of protected streets is updated daily and is accurate as of the previous business day. Prior to submitting a Street Opening Permit application, the Protected Streets Listing should be consulted in order to determine if the proposed work location is in protected status. If the proposed work location is in protected street status, the application will automatically be placed on SAM hold for further review.

Only in circumstances where the applicant can demonstrate that the work could not have been reasonably anticipated prior to the street resurfacing/reconstruction will an application for a Street Opening Permit on a Protected Street be reviewed.

The Protected Streets Listing consists of four separate files, each covering all five boroughs:

All streets on the "Active/Future" lists show the anticipated start date of the project. This information should be used to plan work before streets go into protected street status.

The Protected Streets Listing can be accessed at

Street Opening Permits (Non-Protected) Street Opening Permits
0100 Open Sidewalk To Install Foundation $135 30/90 0100P $135
0102 Major Installations – High Voltage $135 30/90 0102P $380
0103 Major Installation – Gas $135 30/90 0103P $380
0104 0104 Major Installations – Steam $135 30/90 0104P $380
0105 Major Installations – Telephone $135 30/90 0105P $380
0106 Transformer Vault – In Roadway $135 30 0106P $380
0107 Transformer Vault – In Sidewalk Area $135 30 0107P $135
0108 Installation Of Poles $135 30 0108P $135
0109 Major Installations – Water $135 30/90 0109P $380
0110 Major Installations – Cable $135 30/90 0110P $380
0111 Major Installations – Sewer $135 30/90 0111P $380
0112 Rapid Transit Construct/Alteration $135 30/90 0112P $380
0113 Repair Water $135 30 0113P $380
0114 Repair Sewer $135 30 0114P $380
0115 Repair Water - Sewer $135 30 0115P $380
0116 Fuel Oil Line $135 30 0116P $135
0117 Vault Construction or Alteration $135 30 0117P $135
0118 Reset, Repair Or Replace Curb $135 30 0118P $135
0119 Pave Street-W/ Engineering & Inspection Fee $135 30 0119P $135
0120 Tree Pits $135 30 0120P $135
0121 Construct Or Alter Manhole Or Casting $135 30 0121P $380
0122 Repair Gas $135 30 0122P $380
0123 Repair Steam $135 30 0123P $380
0124 Repair Electric/Communications $135 30 0124P $380
0126 Test Pits, Cores Or Boring $135 30 0126P $380
0127 Conduit Construction And Franchise $135 30 0127P $380
0128 Erect Canopy $135 30    
0129 Install Street Furniture $135 30/90 0129P $135
0130 Land Fill $135 30 0130P $135
0131 Private Sewer $135 30 0131P $380
0132 Install Fence $135 30 0132P $135
0133 Install Traffic Signals $135 30 0133P $380
0134 Repair Petroleum Leak $135 30 0134P $380
0138 Installation Of Fire Alarm Box $135 30 0138P $135
0139 Installation Of Bus Shelter $135 30 0139P $135
0151 Installation Public Pay Telephone $135 30 0151P $135

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