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milling and resurfacing: during street resurfacing, the top layer of existing asphalt is milled away (ground up and removed) and a new layer of asphalt is applied.

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Chapter 2: Advance Notice and Certification

2.2 NYCityMap, DOTMap, and Other Online Information

With advance notice of NYC DOT's intent to work in a particular location, utility companies and other potential street excavators are better able to make arrangements to minimize potential conflicts or to leverage the opportunity to perform their work before resurfacing or reconstruction is complete. In order to assist the goal of advanced coordination, information about planned NYC DOT projects is available via the DOTMap portal within the NYCityMap website at By accessing this map portal, a utility company or any other entity that performs street excavation work can find details on NYC DOT projects included in the city's 10-year Capital Budget, as well as more imminent NYC DOT and New York City Department of Environmental Protection capital projects currently in design or under construction.

NYCityMap is the city's web-based interactive mapping application. It includes capital construction projects.

Information on how to navigate and use NYCityMap and DOTMap is available online at:

DOTMap also features a protected streets layer, enabling utilities and other potential street excavators to view which streets are protected and for what period of time. The protected streets layer is current as of the previous business day. The screen image below displays the "NYC DOT 10 year Capital Plan" projects in green and protected streets in blue.

Clicking on the "i" button at the top center of the map will change the cursor into an arrow with an "i" next to it. With this cursor, users can click on the map to get information about a particular map layer. As shown in the screen image, the pop-up for the "NYC DOT 10 year Capital Plan" layer features a project ID, title, and the fiscal year for which the project is planned, whereas the pop-up for "NYC DOT Protected Streets" includes street name and the date to which protected status extends.

Other Online Information

Weekly Milling and Resurfacing and Concrete Repair Schedules—NYC DOT weekly milling and resurfacing schedules are available online at

The milling and resurfacing schedules are organized by borough and are sent electronically each week to utility companies and other city agencies. A longer-term resurfacing schedule that forecasts several months of anticipated work is distributed during borough-level monthly utility coordination meetings (see Section 2.3 Key Principles for Effective Notice and Coordination of Planned Street Work). NYC DOT's concrete repair schedule for roadways, sidewalks and other assets in the street can also be accessed from this link.

Embargoes—NYC DOT imposes construction "embargoes" (a temporary suspension of active permits in the affected area) for significant special events including the New York City Marathon, parades, high profile projects and the winter holiday season. A list of current construction embargoes is available online at Additional information regarding embargo periods is provided in Chapter 3, Section 3.6.2.

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