Street Works Manual


Appendix E—Links

Chapter 1—Introduction

Chapter 2—Advance Notice and Coordination of Planned Street Work

Section 2.2 NYC DOT's Capital Project Map Portal and Other Online Information

Section 2.3 Key Principles for Effective Notice and Coordination of Major Planned Street Work

Chapter 3—Permits and Approvals

Section 3.2 The Permitee Registration Process

3.2.1   Required Documentation for a Permittee Registration Application

Section 3.3:  The Permit Application Process (Non-Emergency Work)

3.3.1   Common Requirements for All Permit Types

3.3.2   Application Procedures for a Street Opening Permit

3.3.3   Application Procedures for a Building Operations/Construction Activity Permit

3.3.4   Application Procedures for a Sidewalk Construction Permit

3.3.5   Permit Application Review and Issuance (for Street Opening, Building Operations/Construction Activity, and Sidewalk Construction Permits)

3.3.6   Permit Renewals and Re-Issuances (for Street Opening, Building Operations/Construction Activity, and Sidewalk Construction Permits)

Section 3.4: Canopy Authorization and Permits

3.4.1   Application Procedure for Canopy Authorizations and Permits

Section 3.5: Other Provisions Pertaining to Permits

3.5.1 Holds

3.5.3   Other Actions

Section 3.6: Emergency Work and Special Circumstances

3.6.1    Emergency Utility Access Cover Openings and Emergency Street Openings

3.6.2     Embargoes

Section 3.7:  Vault Approvals

3.7.3   Vaults Requiring a Revocable Consent

Chapter 4—Executing Work in the Street

Section 4.1: General Requirements For Executing Work

Section 4.2: Street Opening/Excavation Requirements

4.2.1 New York 811, Inc.

Section 4.4: Sidewalk Repairs

Section 4.5: Street Construction Inspections and Enforcement

Section 4.6: Sidewalk Violation Inspections and Enforcement