Livery Passenger Bill of Rights

  • As a livery passenger, you have the right to:
  • Ride in a car that is clean, in good condition, and has passed all required inspections;
  • Be driven by a TLC-licensed driver in good standing whose license is clearly displayed;
  • A safe and courteous driver who obeys all traffic laws;
  • A quiet trip, free of horn-honking and audio/radio noise;
  • Receive a fare quote from the dispatcher and pay that amount for your ride (unless the trip changes);
  • A driver who does not use a cell phone while driving (hands-free phones are not permitted);
  • A smoke and scent free ride;
  • Air-conditioning or heat on request;
  • Working seatbelts for all passengers – please use them!
  • Not share a ride, unless you want to;
  • Be accompanied by a service animal;
  • Decline to tip for poor service.

Read the Bill of Rights in other languages below:

If you feel your rights were violated by a livery driver Submit a Consumer Complaint.

Remember to call for your car – No street hails.

For more info visit 311 Online.