TLC Divisions


The Enforcement Division of USB is a specialized law enforcement Division comprised of Peace Officers who are designated as NYC Special Patrolmen.

The primary mission of enforcement is to maintain public safety by deterring illegal operation of unlicensed vehicles, and ensuring compliance of all TLC Rules and Regulations, Vehicle Traffic Laws, the Administrative Code and NYC Rules and Regulations within this industry.

Currently the Enforcement Division of the USB has 280 field officers and supervisors covering a twenty-four hour work day, seven days a week. Officers perform on-street enforcement of TLC-licensed vehicles as well as unlicensed for-hire operators encountered who pose a serious threat to public safety and encroach on the legitimate business of the industry. In addition to the drivers and vehicles the TLC USB also enforces compliance for 850 bases and 25 taxi schools throughout the city. There is a dedicated team, visit the page Staff Investigative Unit that handles in-depth investigations.
This mission is followed through by the goal of "Effective & Strategic Enforcement". Being effective in regulating the for-hire industry takes on many facets; first and foremost, Enforcement must provide for the public safety and security for the for-hire riding public. To be effective, enforcement must and have recognized and adapted to the changing patterns of unlicensed for-hire activity that negatively impact the industry and many communities. These patterns become visible in Enforcement statistics, but are also apparent in interactions with industry stakeholders, businesses, law enforcement partners including the New York City Police Department (NYPD) and the Port Authority Police Department (PAPD) and the City's elected representatives. TLC Enforcement is a partner in the Mayor's Vison Zero.

The Enforcement Division brings as much formal and informal information together as possible and the business units that make up the USB collaboratively work together to address the predominate issues that are identified. Our actual focus is dependent upon resources available and the degree of importance to the overall goal of a safe for-hire riding public. Every member of the Enforcement Division is committed to providing the most effective enforcement possible.

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