Street Hail Livery (SHL) Pilot Program

The SHL Pilot Program utilizes returned SHL (Green Taxi) permits to test the feasibility of a license that cuts costs traditionally associated with SHLs, while also eliminating the ability to receive street hails. Over a period lasting no longer than two years, it will study potential improvements in pre-arranged non-emergency medical transportation service, outer-borough service, fleet electrification, and wheelchair accessibility of the TLC fleet.

Streamlined hack-up requirements for the Pilot:

  • Technology System will not be necessary—no meter, no roof light, no tablet.

  • TLC will provide the necessary markings.

  • Pilot Participants can choose any vehicle color (except taxi yellow and apple green). 

  • Partition/In-Vehicle Camera System is optional.  

  • No interaction with Meter Shops will be necessary. Participants will be ready to accept pre-arranged rides as soon as TLC provides required markings after the (successful) initial inspection.

  • Vehicle inspections are required by TLC Safety & Emissions once every two years, similar to other For-Hire Vehicles.

Operating Restrictions:


  • The vehicle must be an Electric Vehicle (EV), a hybrid electric vehicle, or a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).

  • Unlike traditional SHLs, SHL Pilot Program participants may not accept street hails.

  • Similar to traditional SHLs, SHL Pilot Program participants may only accept trips beginning outside the Pre-Arranged Exclusionary Zone unless it is an Access A Ride or Medicaid-reimbursed trip.

More SHL Pilot Program FAQs

Interested in applying for an SHL Pilot Program Permit and License? Please Visit the Get an SHL Pilot Program License page.