Flexible Fare Pilot for Passengers

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) has implemented a pilot program allowing licensed E-hail providers to offer upfront pricing in all participating yellow and green taxicabs. In addition to metered fares, passengers riding in Medallion taxicabs and Street Hail Liveries (SHLs) will now have the option to receive binding fare quotes when completing an E-Hail request.

Ready to take advantage of this option? See below for a list of current participants:

Note: This is an active list. Therefore, it will be updated frequently as new participants join the pilot. The following are frequently asked questions regarding the pilot program, which you may find helpful.

For additional questions email tlcexternalaffairs@tlc.nyc.gov.

Passenger FAQs

Is the taximeter going away?

No. If passengers hail a taxi on the street, the driver must still use the taximeter. This pilot simply gives passengers an additional way to get a taxi.

Does the meter turn on during my trip?

No. If you received a binding fare quote from an E-Hail company when requesting a ride, the meter will not be used.

Can I pay the metered rate?

If you received a binding fare quote, you will pay the fare that you accepted. E-Hail companies are still allowed to send you metered taxis. Consult the E-Hail company if you are unsure which type of trip you are requesting.

What cars are authorized to participate in this pilot?

This pilot is available to licensed yellow and green taxicabs only, other industries already provide the features of this pilot program.

Can I request that my driver change the destination, while in a trip?

Contact the E-Hail company to determine their policy on destination changes. Scroll up for links to the companies’ websites.

Are shared rides offered through the Flexible Fare pilot?

Contact the E-Hail company to determine their policy on shared rides. Scroll up for links to the companies’ websites.

Is a flexible fare cheaper than a street hail?

Possibly. The E-Hail company sets their own rates and will give you a price prior to sending a trip request. TLC will evaluate the pilot’s effect on fares in taxis.

How can I get a flex fare?

Flex fares may only be offered by approved E-Hail apps. You will need to download the app of the E-Hail provider you wish to use. Scroll up for links to the companies’ websites.

Is this available at the airport?

The Port Authority does not currently allow taxis to be E-Hailed at the airport. However, you can be dropped off at the airport.

Will any other fees be added to the price I was quoted?

The upfront fare quote should include all charges, but the fare may change if you change your destination or if there are any unexpected tolls or taxes. If you feel you have been overcharged file a complaint with 311.

Can I tip on the app?

Yes! Each app will have an option to tip the driver. As always, you can tip your driver in cash.