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Information for Visitors & Tourists

All visitors are entitled to a safe and legal place to stay while they are in New York City. Illegal short-term rentals can target tourists with bait-and-switch tactics. Visitors may arrive to find your host is unavailable or unreachable. You may find there is no longer a place to stay, that you are staying somewhere other than where you reserved your stay, or that the amenities advertised online are not available. Your rental may be unsafe, unsanitary, or occupied by others. If you are a tourist in New York City and suspect you have been taken advantage of or are living in unsafe conditions, here is how to let us know:

  • Call 311, or submit a complaint online, so that your complaint can be investigated and appropriate action taken quickly.

  • Visitors who book short-term rentals in New York City are not held responsible for a rental that turns out to be illegal. If inspectors arrive at your rental location while you are there, we ask you cooperate with their investigation. After checking for their identification, please provide information that can aid in our investigation.

  • In the event conditions are deemed to be hazardous or unsafe, visitors will need to comply with emergency orders from inspectors, even if that means vacating the premises.

With your help, OSE can stay in the know about illegal short-term rentals throughout our city; together we can ensure our neighborhoods stay strong, stable and secure.

Submit a complaint

Do you suspect illegal short-term rental activity in your neighborhood?

Call 311 or submit a complaint online.