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About Illegal Short-Term Rentals

There are many factors that help keep New York neighborhoods vibrant, stable and livable. In neighborhoods where homes are being used for short-term rentals illegally, the comfort and safety of permanent residents and visitors alike is at risk. In these neighborhoods, the stock of available housing diminishes, and the distinctive character of the community changes.

Illegal short-term rentals can be dangerous for neighbors, guests, and first responders. They can lack proper fire safety systems such as alarms and sprinklers, and may not have enough exits in the event of an emergency. Many permanent residential buildings do not have adequate security personnel to deal with travelers. Illegal short-term rentals often present issues with noise, litter and personal safety, and compromise the comfort of permanent residents.

Whether you're a property owner or building manager, a tenant or neighbor, or a visiting tourist, staying in the know about illegal short-term rentals can protect your rights, and keep you on the safe side of the law.

In New York City, the term 'short-term rental' refers to renting for any period shorter than 30 days. There are rules, laws and consequences governing short-term rentals that are enforceable today.

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