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Information for Neighbors

Are you concerned that apartments in your building or the homes on your block are being used as illegal short-term rentals, or that these rentals are disrupting the safety and peace of your building or neighborhood? Signs of illegal short-term rentals vary according to the unique characteristics of each neighborhood and building. Other than the presence of online advertisements, the surest indication of illegal short-term rentals is often based on your common sense, and your observations of telltale signs such as:

  • A string of different people arriving to an apartment or home with luggage, only to leave a few days later.

  • Frequent visitors with luggage attempting to get into a building by using buzzer systems, consulting phones, and reviewing printed-out instructions.

  • Key lockboxes on the outside of a building and/or electronic key-pad systems installed on doors and door-knobs

  • Visitors congregating in hallways, lobbies, stairways and elevators, talking about their stays and consulting phones, maps or printed-out instructions, or mentioning online rental booking websites by name.

  • Noise or other behaviors not characteristic of your dwelling or neighborhood.

While any one of these signs may by itself indicate illegal short-term renting, being aware of the signs and reporting them to 311 can help us enforce the law, and ensure the livability of your community.

There are several ways to report suspected illegal short-term rentals in your building or neighborhood. You can call 311 and follow the prompts; or submit a complaint online. As you will see, this form provides space for you to describe what you are noticing in detail, including the websites for any online advertisements. Please be prepared to provide the specific address of the suspected illegal short-term rental including the apartment number, and the websites for any online advertisements for it. You can report anonymously, or if you choose, you may provide your name. Your complaint will be investigated by the Office of Special Enforcement, and you will be able to track the status of the complaint through both the 311 website and the Department of Buildings' Building Information System.

Submit a complaint

Do you suspect illegal short-term rental activity in your neighborhood?

Call 311 or submit a complaint online.