Storefront Improvement

storefront on Grand Street in Brooklyn with two people walking by

Storefronts are important to New York City neighborhoods. They house local businesses, are a visible part of the street, and define the character and feel of a community. Well-designed storefronts enhance and give identity to New York City's diverse network of commercial districts.

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What We Do

Our Storefront Improvement Program provides guidance to community groups pursuing storefront improvements in their commercial districts. Learn more about best practices in storefront design in Storefront Improvements: A Guide for Neighborhood Commercial Districts.

You can also download the Top 10 Storefront Design Tips here.

Start Your Own Program

A Community-Based Organization (CBO) can play a vital role in enhancing a commercial district by administering its own storefront improvement program. The Comprehensive Guide to Designing a Storefront Improvement Program is a step-by-step guide to help community-based development organizations (CBDOs) through the detailed process of designing and executing a Storefront Improvement Program (SIP) to improve their neighborhoods.

Contact us for more information on how to create and run a program in your neighborhood.

Get Funding

Check out our Avenue NYC grants for information on funding to support the development and management of a storefront improvement program in your neighborhood.

CBOs interested in funding to cover storefront construction should visit NYS Office of Community Renewal's New York Main Street program. Our staff can provide technical assistance with Main Street grant applications and program administration.

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