Specialized Units

We hold people accountable through a supervision model tailored proportional to the level of risk that the individual’s behavior exhibits and ensure access to services and opportunities, in an effort to successfully move those on probation off of the criminal justice system. Most importantly, we do all of this in, and with, the communities our probation clients call home, with the help of our government and community-based partners. This balanced approach reinforces the expectation that people on probation are capable of the behavior change necessary to address the factors that brought them to us in the first place as they work toward creating what we refer to as their “New Now.”

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Anyone Can Excel - The ACE Model


The ACE adolescent/young adult supervision model (Anyone Can Excel) was launched by Commissioner Bermúdez in 2016. ACE is a specialized unit and caseload that focuses on clients age 16 to 24, the group at the highest risk of re-arrest, recidivism, and gun violence.

For more information, please visit our ACE page.

Domestic Violence

Promoting Accountability and Community Ties (PACT)

The PACT program focuses on probation clients sentenced as felony offenders who have been identified as being abusive in their personal relationships. It is a partnership between DOP and the New York State Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA).

PACT serves residents of the Bronx and Upper Manhattan. The program’s goals are to secure the safety of the victim while holding the offender accountable. Victims are referred to a community-based advocate for assistance with safety planning, housing needs, and counseling.

Participants attend 12 weeks of educational classes in English or Spanish. The PACT curriculum was created by Safe Horizon. After completing the classes, participants are referred to a 26-week domestic violence program within their community.

After successfully completing the program, the probation client is reassigned to a specially-trained High-Risk Probation Officer.

Rapid Response Team

The purpose of the Rapid Response Team (RRT) is to provide support to the primary supervision PO in the supervision of clients (new and historical) convicted of Robbery, Assault and/or Weapons (RAW) offenses and to aid in the implementation of risk reduction and risk management strategies. The unit will offer field support to the primary supervision PO during traditionally off hours/days, or other appropriate borough supervision based duties that require attention during these off hours/days.