Helping a Family Member on Probation

If you know someone on probation, you can help make sure this is a productive and successful period for them. Whether you are a parent, spouse, friend or other supportive person, you can help the client (the person on probation) by doing the following:

  • Help collect and keep documents in the New Now folder. Help find or replace important documents like birth certificates or Social Security cards.

  • Remind the client to keep all appointments with the department of probation and service providers.

  • Get to know the client’s friends and social media activities.

  • Have a meaningful discussion regarding changes in appearance and behavior. Feel free to praise positive changes and address negative ones.

  • Get to know the probation officer. Reach out if you notice any changes that concern you.

  • Notify the probation officer immediately if the client has moved or had contact with the police.

  • The probation officer may want to schedule a meeting to discuss how to best help the person on probation. This meeting will show the client that there is a network committed to helping him or her succeed. We encourage you to view this as an opportunity for you and the client. In fact, if you want to schedule a meeting, the probation officer will arrange it.

We help the helpers

We offer many programs and resources to help family members and others who are providing support and encouragement to someone on probation.