Enhanced Supervision Program

The Enhanced Supervision Program (ESP) provides intensive supervision to juvenile probation clients who would otherwise be placed in a state-run juvenile residential facility.

ESP clients receive the intensive services they need without having to leave their families, positive community role models and the local school system.

ESP Probation Officers work with the probation clients and their family members to promote accountability and establish a positive peer group.

ESP requires the involvement of the parent or guardian.  ESP Probation Officers visit the client’s home, school and any community-based organizations he or she attends.

Clients who are in ESP:

  • Must report weekly
  • Are required to complete 60 hours of community service over the term of their probation
  • Can step down from ESP to General Supervision when they demonstrate progress
  • Depending on the situation, may have access emergency food relief, tutoring, therapeutic services, etc.
  • Attend behavior modification and education groups