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2020 Census Support

Why the Census Matters

The census is more than just a head count.

It determines how congressional seats are apportioned and how New York City’s fair share of federal funds are distributed for schools, public housing, roads and bridges and so much more.

Learn more about why the census matters for NYC not only in terms of political representation and funding, but also for everything from public health to programs for seniors.

Importance of Self-Response

A low self-response rate can often be a precursor to an undercount and poor data quality, which can lead to under-representation and low funding for communities that need it.

Find out why self-response is so important and what kinds of errors are introduced when self-response rates are low.

DCP Reports on NYC 2020 Census Response

These reports track how New York City households responded to the 2020 Census by neighborhood, which allowed for the more efficient use of on-the-ground outreach resources. The reports include rotating spotlights that highlight patterns of response by borough, neighborhood, and key characteristics, such as race/Hispanic origin and the presence of large immigrant populations.

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August 2020 Aug. 6        
July 2020 July 23 July 9      
June 2020 June 25 June 18 June 11 June 4  
May 2020 May 28 May 21 May 14 May 7  
April 2020 April 30 April 23 April 16 April 9 April 3
March 2020 March 26        

Census self-response rates in 2020 and 2010

These files provide 2020 Census self-response rates over time, as well as 2010 and 2020 final self-response rates. The 2020 self-response rate file provides rates by day from March 20, 2020 to October 17, 2020 for the United States, New York State, New York City, boroughs, Neighborhood Tabulation Areas (NTAs), and tracts within New York City. The 2010/2020 comparison file provides final self-response rates for the United States, New York State, New York City, boroughs, and NTAs.

NYC 2010 Census Response Data and Maps

Learn how New Yorkers responded to the 2010 Census. Some neighborhoods, such as Washington Heights, had impressive responses rates–others less so.

For definitions of the geographic terms used below, such as “census tract” and “NTA,” visit our glossary of geographies.

Mail Return Rates

2010 Census Mail Return Rates by Census Tracts

2010 Census Mail Return Rates by NTA


Mail Return Rate Maps