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November 21, 2019

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With the 2020 Census Fast Approaching, City Planning launches new, easy-to-navigate webpages devoted to NYC’s Population

New Population pages feature a “Pop” Quiz and DCP’s popular NYC Population FactFinder

Pop Quiz

NEW YORK – Department of City Planning (DCP) Director Marisa Lago today announced the launch of the updated Population webpages on DCP’s website. This is the latest step in an ongoing overhaul of DCP’s website, meant to improve navigation and accessibility for users.

“These new Population webpages offer direct access to important U.S. Census data, and to DCP’s many useful demographic tools, ones that can help you get to know your neighborhood – and the entire rest of the city – like never before. I can’t mention the census without urging each New Yorker to fill out your once-in-a-decade census form when you receive it in the springtime. Your participation in the 2020 Census is crucial to building a fairer, more equitable and more representative New York,” DCP Director Marisa Lago said..

An accurate count of the city’s population is vital for New York’s well-being. Everything from congressional representation to federal funds for health care, infrastructure and school lunches, rely on the census. DCP’s Population webpages will help New Yorkers further understand why the census is so important and why they should fill out the 2020 Census form.

The updated Population webpages are organized in three sections: “Overview,” “Data and Resources.”

  • Information found on “Overview” includes the latest estimate of New York City’s population, which stands at approximately 8.4 million people – an increase of nearly 224,000 people since the 2010 Census.
    • It explains the role of DCP demographers and the importance of population data for decision-making in communities, businesses, government and more. It includes helpful graphics with population by borough and population growth patterns.
    • The overview page features a Pop Quiz, where you can test your smarts when it comes to New York’s population.   
  • Under “Data,” visitors will find official Census Bureau data and DCP’s analysis of those data, as well as projections for population growth over the next several decades.
  • Resources” includes reference maps, data visualizations, and our “Newest New Yorkers” reports on immigrants in the city. It is home to DCP’s popular NYC Population FactFinder web app, which presents population data in tables, charts, and maps.

Alongside these sections, DCP’s website features a new 2020 Census Support page, which covers the importance of responding to the census, as well as DCP’s role in ensuring that Census Bureau outreach is founded on accurate information about New Yorkers. This page links you to the NYC Census 2020 website, where New Yorkers can get involved in 2020 Census-related outreach.

The Population webpages revamp is part of broader ongoing updates to DCP webpages as well as the site’s overall organization. These changes are meant to bring a consistent approach to DCP’s content and make all land use and zoning projects and proposals easier to find, navigate and understand.