Commuter Card

The Commuter Card is a stored value card linked to your Edenred account. On your pay day the account gets funded by your payroll deductions that you assign according to your monthly commuting needs.

Deductions up to $300 per month are pre-tax and over $300 per month are post-tax.

Visit Edenred website to see a list of where the Commuter Card will work.

The Commuter Card plan offers two options:

  • Commuter Card – No Admin Fee
    • Monthly pre-tax payroll deduction: $127. This is a set deduction equivalent to the cost of the MTA 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard.
    • Monthly administrative fee: $1.25 (paid by the City).
  • Commuter Card – Unrestricted
    • Monthly pre-tax payroll deduction: any amount up to $300. Amounts exceeding $300 per month are allowed, but taken post-tax.
    • Monthly administrative fee: $1.25 (paid by your additional payroll deduction).

If you are also enrolled in the Park-N-Ride plan, you can choose to have both benefits available on the same card. Your transit plan and your parking plan will be funded to your Commuter Card separately, but the deduction amount going to each of the plans must be the same. These two funds will be maintained separately too, i.e. transit funds cannot be used for parking services and parking funds cannot be used for transit purchases.

Use the Edenred Calculator to calculate your estimated savings.

See Commuter Card FAQ.

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