Transit Pass

This plan allows you to arrange for home delivery of your transit provider passes and tickets through the City's commuter benefit provider, Edenred. You can select from their extensive catalog of transit providers and transit passes covering the New York Tri-State area. See the list of Transit Pass providers.

In this plan, you fund an account with Edenred with your pre-tax and post-tax payroll deductions and you can select a pass on the Edenred system using the funds in your account.

Edenred will deliver your pass or ticket to your designated mailing address by the 1st day of each calendar month, except for Metro-North Rail Road and Long Island Rail Road tickets.*

Edenred also allows you to securely supplement purchases on their website with your personal credit card to ensure you always have enough funds for your purchases. And you can purchase multiple items such as a train ticket and MetroCard.

With the Transit Pass option, you pay an administrative fee of $2.05 per month through payroll deductions.

* Metro-North Rail Road and Long Island Rail Road send out their respective monthly tickets. Please make sure that your election on the Edenred site reflects your correct fare or you may not receive your monthly ticket. You can also voluntarily store a credit card with MTA just in case your monthly election with Edenred is insufficient to purchase your monthly ticket.


Use the Edenred Calculator to calculate your estimated savings.

See Transit Pass FAQ.

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