NYC Health Benefits Program

Health Plan Premiums

There is no cost for basic coverage under some of the health plans offered through the City Health Benefits Program, but others require a payroll deduction. Enrollees may purchase additional benefits through Optional Riders. Employee deductions are made on a pre-tax basis (See Medical Spending Conversion).

Optional Riders

All health plans, except DC 37 Med-Team have an Optional Rider consisting of benefits that are not part of the basic plan. You may elect Optional Rider coverage when you enroll and pay for it through payroll deductions. Each rider is a package and you may not select individual benefits from the rider.


Many employees get additional health benefits through their welfare funds. If your welfare fund is providing benefits similar to some (or all) of the benefits in your plan’s Optional Rider, those specific benefits will be provided only by your welfare fund and will not be available through your health plan rider. Payroll deductions will be adjusted accordingly.


If the Optional Rider consists only of a prescription drug plan, and your union welfare fund provides prescription drug benefits, payroll deductions will not be adjusted automatically to account for union welfare fund benefits if you select the optional rider. You will then pay for drug benefits through the rider and have those benefits from the rider in addition to your welfare fund.


If there is a payroll deduction for your plan’s basic coverage, or if you apply for an Optional Rider, your paycheck should reflect the deduction within two months after submitting a Health Benefits Application.

Incorrect Deductions from your Paycheck  

Please review your payroll health deduction carefully to be sure the amount is correct. If the deduction is incorrect, you must contact your agency health benefits or payroll office or NYCAPS Central at (212) 487-0500 (Department of Education employees should contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000) within 30 days.  Adjustments will be made accordingly.  Otherwise, the deduction will be deemed as accurate. 


Health Plan Rate Chart for Employees