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Welcome to the Office of Labor Relations

Renee Campion

The Office of Labor Relations’ mission focuses on two primary areas: labor relations and administration of the Employee Benefits Program. 

In addition to negotiating labor agreements on behalf of the Mayor, OLR serves as a resource to agencies with regard to workforce labor issues. The staff at OLR assist their fellow agencies in handling personnel and payroll issues, conducting labor-management meetings, representing the City at representation hearings, and handling all employee grievances and arbitration matters.

The Employee Benefits Program consists of the following benefit programs:

  • The Health Benefits Program
  • The Deferred Compensation Plan
  • The Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • The Management Benefits Fund
  • The Flexible Spending Accounts Program
  • The New York City Employee Individual Retirement Account (NYCE IRA)

The Employee Benefits Program provides health benefits to approximately 1.3 million employees, retirees, and their dependents, and has annual premiums over $8.5 billion dollars - making New York City the largest purchaser of employee health services in the Greater New York area.

The Deferred Compensation Plan has approximately 250,000 employee, retiree and spousal accounts and over $30 billion in Plan assets, making it the largest local government plan.

By working collaboratively with our union representatives, we have been able to meet the challenge of identifying new savings that will bend the health care cost curve, through a broad range of innovative initiatives that will produce unprecedented savings while enhancing the health of the workforce.

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Renee Campion