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Consultations Frequently Asked Questions

When might a Consultation be appropriate?

A Consultation may be appropriate whenever someone needs assistance thinking through and planning around a conflict intervention. A city employee may seek a Consultation after different measures have been attempted to resolve or change something and the desired outcome is not there. A person in leadership may use a Consultation for guidance on how to approach a difficult, complex or sensitive situation.

What is discussed in a Coaching session?

Typically a Coaching session involves a discussion of an individual's experience with a conflict, explores multiple-perspectives and the best ways to move forward.

Who can come to Coaching?

Any city employee involved in a conflict or difficult situation may contact the Center to determine whether coaching is an appropriate service or to request Coaching.

Who are the Coaches?

The coaches are Center staff who are trained in various coaching models. 

How long is a session?

A Coaching session typically lasts from 1-2 hours. An employee may choose to participate in more than one session.

Is the Coaching session confidential?

Yes. Information revealed in Coaching is confidential and subject to the same exceptions to confidentiality as in our mediation process. Please see the confidentiality requirements in our Agreement to Mediate to learn more about the exceptions.