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Dispute Systems Design

Implicitly or explicitly, every institution has a system of managing disputes. In some cases, the system may be formal, with administrative hearings, courts, tribunals and complex appeal and review processes. In other cases, organizations may have few, if any, formal means for managing conflict.  In these instances, conflicts may either be handled through informal negotiation and mediation or by ignoring it altogether.  As organizations become more aware of the ever-rising cost of conflict (in economic, relationship and human terms), many are seeking to design and implement systems to manage disputes with greater effectiveness and efficiency. 

The Center collaborates with New York University Law School's Advanced Mediation Dispute Systems Design Clinic to provide NYC agency leaders a team of consultants to work with.  The consultants will assess current organizational responses to conflict, identify key stakeholders, examine current conflict issues and needs and help design and implement appropriate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes to meet those needs.

New York City government management, leadership and union leaders are encouraged to contact the Center to learn more about Dispute Systems Design and request a Consultation.