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Group Resources

Conflict can be experienced on many levels: between people, among groups, or within an entire organization. Conflict that remains unaddressed and unresolved can negatively impact teams, departments and entire offices, often undercutting productivity and commitment to the work.

There are many ways to respond to the many needs in a group or organizational conflict:

  • Leaders can engage in Strategic Consultations to think through and organize various challenges
  • Managerial and Executive Teams can work to get aligned and cohesive with one another to improve overall agency or Department needs
  • Center staff can help create a strategic and sequenced plan to address and respond to conflict needs
  • Group Cohesion can be enhanced through new ways of listening, talking and working together

In group or team conflict, Center facilitators can:

  • Guide and support a creative design that is responsive to the nature of the situation
  • Organize and define group goals
  • Help leaders think through a challenge and create a strategic plan of support
  • Manage and respond to a specific on-going conflict
  • Improve communication and begin a dialogue
  • Teach new communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Boost efficiency and morale
  • Make way for repairing interpersonal relationships

A pair of Center staff will serve as the main point people for organizational or group conflict needs. They will work with leadership and the larger team to create a sequenced and strategic plan to address and resolve conflicts, work with the group's existing strengths and improve team and group cohesion.