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Sex Crimes

The NYPD investigates approximately 14,000 complaints of sexual assault annually, including sexual violence involving intimate partners, acquaintances, strangers, and children. The Special Victims Unit is comprised of over 300 highly trained investigators tasked with conducting investigations into sexual violence that are trauma informed, victim centered, and offender focused, to ensure survivors of these crimes receive the care and assistance they need while reporting sex crimes and engaging in the criminal justice process.

The Special Victims Unit handles reports of crimes of sexual violence citywide, with an Adult Special Victims Squad and a Child Special Victims Squad in each county, as well as a citywide Human Trafficking Task Force, and multiple other units tasked with assisting with these investigations. The Special Victims Unit prides itself on being diverse and culturally aware, with multi-lingual investigators from all different backgrounds who reflect the populations we serve. Each Special Victims Squad is staffed with at least two advocates from the Safe Horizons Crime Victims Assistance Program, to ensure not only are survivors of sexual violence able to participate in the criminal justice process, but they are able to do so while also receiving access to the resources, care, and services they need to begin the healing process.

The Special Victims Unit’s 24-hour hotline is staffed around the clock allowing individuals the ability to report sex crimes and be connected directly and immediately with the appropriate Special Victims Squad who will handle their report. To make a report of a sex crime, call our 24-hour hotline at 646-610-7272 or 212-267-7273.

The NYPD in conjunction with The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault provides access to the resources and services survivors of sexual violence need in the Sexual Assault Survivor Resource Guide which can be found in every precinct, police service area, and transit district throughout New York City and can also be accessed here, click here (QR code available below).

The Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender Based Violence provides multi-lingual access to additional services, resources, and educational materials for survivors of sexual violence which can be accessed here, click here.

Click here to access the NYPD Sexual Violence Brochure which includes information about Sexual Violence, Resources for Survivors, and ways to Help your Community:

Know Your Rights

The NYPD is committed to abiding by and protecting the rights of all survivors of sexual violence. To access the New York State Sexual Assault Victim Bill of Rights, click here.

To request a copy of your police report and related documents, click here.

The NYPD provides access to the Citywide Human Trafficking Resource Guide developed by the Mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender Based Violence in collaboration with Safe Horizons and the Brooklyn Human Trafficking Task Force which includes information on citywide resources and services available for survivors of Human Trafficking. To view the Guide, click here.

The NYPD is committed to serving all communities in the City of New York, especially those vulnerable to victimization. Victims of Human Trafficking crimes who have entered the United States on a temporary basis may be eligible for T nonimmigrant status, also known as T Visa Certification. To request T Visa Certification, click here.

For up to date information about the Special Victims Unit and the work we are doing to combat sexual violence, follow us on Twitter @NYPDSVU

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Sexual Violence Resource Guide