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How to Report a Crime

This section provides information about how to report a crime in progress or a crime that has already happened. If you are in immediate danger, please call 911. You can report a crime and receive assistance from the police regardless of your age or immigration status.
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Crimes in Progress or Just Witnessed

If a crime is in progress, or you have just witnessed or experienced a crime, try to get to safety first.

  • Call 911 immediately and try to stay calm.
  • Be alert of your surroundings and try to make mental notes.
  • When talking to the 911 dispatcher, keep in mind the following:
    • The first question you will be asked is, "Where is your emergency?"
      • Give the dispatcher as specific an address as possible.
      • If you don't know the exact address, try to provide a street name or to identify landmarks around you. It is extremely important to provide as much detail about your location as possible.
    • Is anyone hurt?
      • Let the dispatcher know if anyone requires medical assistance.
    • Make note of the physical characteristics of the victim or perpetrator, including such details as height, weight, race, hair color, eye color, tattoos, or scars.
    • Make note of the clothing worn by the victim or perpetrator, including the type of clothing and color.
    • Are the people involved on foot or in a car?
    • Are there weapons involved?
  • Do not destroy evidence that could assist police, including any objects or clothing that could have fingerprints, hair, skin, blood or semen on them.

All 911 calls can be connected to a translator if foreign language assistance is needed. Do not make prank calls to 911. Prank 911 calls, which take dispatchers away from callers whose lives might be in danger, are punishable by law.

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Crimes NOT In Progress

Depending on where the crime occurred, you may report the crime to agencies such as the MTA police, NY State Police, or Port Authority Police, if the location of the crime falls within their respective jurisdictions. Otherwise, for certain report types, you can file an online police report or you can visit your local precinct.

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Sexual Violence Crimes

Victims of sexual violence should call 911 if they are in immediate danger; otherwise, they should call the NYPD Special Victims Division 24-hour hotline at 646-610-7272.

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To Submit Tips about a Crime

If you have information or a tip about a crime that may lead to the arrest of a criminal, or assist law enforcement in its investigation of a crime, contact Crime Stoppers. Crime Stoppers allows you to submit information and tips anonymously.

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