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Unmanned Aircraft (UA) Permits

As of July 2023, members of the public may apply for permits authorizing take-offs and landings of unmanned aircraft (UA), or drones, throughout New York City. The NYPD, in partnership with the Department of Transportation (DOT), reviews these permit applications and either approves or disapproves them. A permit is required in order to take-off or land any FAA-registered, FAA-compliant UA lawfully within the City. Drone operators may apply using the link below.

Applicants should review this information prior to submitting an application:

View the infographic

Review the FAQs 

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Create an Account to Apply for a Permit 

  • Once an online application is submitted, the applicant can sign in to check status updates.
  • Applicants will be notified by email whether an application has been approved or disapproved.
  • Click here for an Applicant User Guide.

Please Note

  • Applicants may also need to obtain additional permits through of New York City agencies (e.g. Department of Parks and Recreation, Office of Media and Entertainment).
  • Take-offs and landings within designated Model Aircraft Fields do not require permitting under these rules.
  • If an unmanned aircraft will capture or transmit still images, audio, or video during its operation, the applicant must:
    • Notify each community board for the community district(s) where the unmanned aircraft is anticipated to capture or transmit still images, video or audio; and
    • Post notices within 100 feet of any take-off and landing site designated on the permit. View sample community flyer