Training & Resources

The NYC HMIS vendor, Foothold Technologies, holds comprehensive trainings once annually for all HMIS-participating agencies; attendance is required for CoC-funded programs. Additional training sessions on specific topics are held on an as-needed basis. Please see below for resources on prior trainings.

HMIS Annual Trainings (October 2021)

Foothold held annual HMIS user trainings from October 4-8, 2021, covering the FY2022 HMIS Data Standards for both AWARDS and non-AWARDS agencies. Links to the trainings are below:

AWARDS Training 2021
Non-AWARDS (external importers) Training 2021

HMIS Bed Inventory and Housing Utilization Training

Foothold conducted short, focused trainings on entering HMIS Bed Inventory for all HMIS users. The recording of the training can be found here: HMIS Bed Inventory Training. Here are the detailed instructions for AWARDS users (PDF) and also for non-AWARDS users (PDF). All residential projects that are participating in HMIS (i.e. uploading client data) must confirm or update HMIS Bed Inventory at least once annually.

HMIS Annual Trainings (November 2020)

Foothold held annual HMIS user trainings in November 2020 for both AWARDS and non-AWARDS agencies. These trainings covered a variety of topics relevant to HMIS projects. Please see links below for recordings of the trainings:

AWARDS Training 2020
Non-AWARDS (external importers) Training 2020

DV Projects & Victim Service Providers

HMIS Comparable Database Manual for Victim Service Providers: To protect clients, DV providers must enter required client-level data into a database that is comparable to and complies with all HMIS requirements. This includes the ability to generate required HUD reports, including the CoC Annual Performance Report (APR).

Comparable Database Checklist. DV projects are responsible for acquiring their own HMIS-comparable data system and working with their software vendor to ensure that it is able to generate all required federal reports.

Other Resources

Introduction to the NYC HMIS and Policies & Procedures (PDF)
CoC HMIS Program Manual: The CoC Program Manual summarizes the data collection requirements for CoC-funded programs.
NYC HMIS Data Warehouse
Foothold AWARDS Online Help
HMIS Project Set-up Tool (for new projects)