Policies & Procedures

The NYC CoC is responsible for HMIS project oversight and implementation, which encompasses planning, administration, software selection, managing the HMIS Data Warehouse in compliance with HMIS Standards, and reviewing and approving all policies, procedures, and data management plans governing contributing homeless organizations.

All projects, regardless of source(s) of funding, that upload data to the NYC HMIS Data Warehouse or are required to use an HMIS comparable database are subject to the NYC HMIS Policies and Procedures, which were approved by the NYC CoC Steering Committee. The NYC HMIS Policies and Procedures (P&Ps) have been updated and are effective as of October 2023. They contain the following:

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Participating Organization Agreement
  • HMIS Compliance Checklist
  • NYC HMIS Warehouse End User Agreement
  • Samples of an end user agreement, privacy notice, and privacy posting for providers to use internally

 All HMIS Warehouse end users/agencies must read the new P&Ps and sign updated user agreements prior to gaining access to the new HMIS Data Warehouse. The HMIS Team will send out notifications related to the new P&Ps.

Docusign Instructions for Signing Policies and Procedures