Data Quality & Standards

The NYC Department of Social Services (DSS) uses data from the HMIS for a variety of HUD reports, as well as the annual Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). In the NOFO, HUD looks at the data quality for the universal and program specific data elements. To improve the CoC's score on the HMIS section of the NOFO, the NYC CoC produces quarterly data quality reports which help providers improve the quality of their HMIS data.

Projects are encouraged to examine their data before uploading into HMIS and to run data quality reports on a regular basis. Client data must be updated at least once annually.

When examining data, check for:

  • Completeness (e.g. missing data)
  • Duplicate client records
  • Data accuracy (e.g. Veterans are 18 and older)
  • Timeliness (e.g. all client data should be entered within 3 business)

HMIS Data Standards

The HMIS Data Dictionary and the HMIS Data Standards Manual document the requirements for the programming and use of all HMIS and comparable database systems. As of October 1, 2021, the FY 2022 Data Standards are in effect.

NYC HMIS includes an upload report showing the dates of all uploads from each project in the last 18 months to the HMIS Data Warehouse. Meeting the required once per month upload threshold is a requirement in the NYC CoC Annual Evaluation used to rank projects in the NOFO.

For AWARDS Online Help, please refer to the Completing HMIS Exports & Uploads and Troubleshooting CSV Validation Errors.

FY 2022 Data Standards (beginning 10/1/2021)

2022 CSV Guidelines for Non-AWARDS Agencies

Providers using Non-AWARDS software (i.e. "external importers") for data tracking must prepare the required 23 CSV files according to the updated HUD HMIS CSV Specifications. A guide to importing data to the NYC HMIS system can be found in Appendix A of the HMIS Policies & Procedures. The required HMIS CSV are as follows:

  1. Export.csv
  2. Organization.csv
  3. User.csv
  4. Project.csv
  5. Funder.csv
  6. ProjectCoC.csv
  7. Inventory.csv
  8. Affiliation.csv
  9. Client.csv
  10. Enrollment.csv
  11. EnrollmentCoC.csv
  12. Exit.csv
  13. IncomeBenefits.csv
  14. HealthAndDV.csv
  15. EmploymentEducation.csv
  16. Disabilities.csv
  17. Services.csv
  18. CurrentLivingSituation.csv
  19. Assessment.csv
  20. AssessmentQuestion.csv
  21. AssessmentResult.csv
  22. Event.csv
  23. YouthEducationStatus.csv