Additional CAPS Resources

Below you will find a list of compiled Coordinated Assessment and Placement System (CAPS) resources including the CAPS Policy & Procedure Manual, fact sheets, FAQs, and more.

CAPS Glossary (PDF) A glossary of government agencies, housing and service models, commonly used terms (including medical, psychiatric, medication, etc.) and acronyms used in the Supportive Housing field. There are also important references to websites for additional information.

First Year Evaluation of CAPS Survey (PDF) This report presents the DSS Office of Evaluation and Research (OER)'s evaluation of the first year of CAPS implementation, focusing on the initial 2018 roll-out experiences of the CAPS survey in DHS single-adult assessment shelters.

CAPS Policies and Procedures (PDF) The CAPS Policy & Procedure manual was unanimously approved by the CoC Steering Committee on Oct. 20, 2023. Updates include better alignment with overall CoC policies; updated CAPS committees; updated links to external documents.

SVA Criteria Fact Sheet (PDF) In May of 2019, hundreds of stakeholders approved additional criteria to add to the existing Standardized Vulnerability Assessment (SVA).

SVA Training (PDF) This training explains how the SVA works, where the information comes from and how to understand it.

Supportive Housing Descriptions and Criteria (PDF) A comprehensive list of the supportive housing types, the clinical and homeless criteria, and documentation requirements for the supportive housing application.

Supportive Housing Populations and Placement Agencies (PDF) A comprehensive list of population types and corresponding placement agencies.

Supportive Housing Re-Rental Provider Referral Guide (PDF) A guidance for re-rental referrals only for both scattered-site and congregate units.

NYC CAPS Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) HRA PACT created this detailed FAQ for service providers using the CAPS Survey and Supportive Housing Application

Homeless Verification and Documentation Reference Sheet (PDF) Updated guidance on which service providers may provide documentation of homelessness for the NYC Supportive Housing Application.

If you have general questions about CAPS, please contact Robin Pagliuco at