Tax & Other Debt Information

If your not-for-profit organization has unpaid property taxes, water and sewer charges, or other City-related property charges, you may be at risk of being included in the lien sale. If a lien is sold on your property, you will owe your taxes and charges, plus a 5% surcharge, accrued interest, and administrative fees. If you do not pay or resolve the taxes or charges, the lienholder can begin a foreclosure proceeding in court.

If you believe your property should be tax exempt from paying property taxes, please contact us. Be sure to include the borough, block, and lot numbers of the property in question, and indicate that you have received a notice about the lien sale.  We can then help explain your options, which may include the submission of a new nonprofit property tax exemption application.

Fees From Other Agencies

In addition to being fully or partially exempt from paying property taxes, your not-for-profit organization may be eligible for exemptions from or reductions in certain fees that New York City agencies charge for their services. This includes:

  • FDNY: Certain permits are fee-exempt on a case-by-case basis
  • Department of Buildings: Work, renewal, equipment use, and place of assembly permits are exempt for not-for-profit organizations that are 100% exempted from property tax
  • Department of Environmental Protection: Water and sewer charges for certain not-for-profits 
  • Parks: Certain permits
  • Mayor’s Cffice of Citywide Event Coordination and Management: Not-for-profits may receive a discount for charitable events