Lien Sale Information

If your not-for-profit organization has unpaid property taxes, water and sewer charges, or other City-related property charges, you may be at risk of being included in the lien sale. If a lien is sold on your property, you will owe your taxes and charges, plus a 5% surcharge, accrued interest, and administrative fees. If you do not pay or resolve the taxes or charges, the lienholder can begin a foreclosure proceeding in court.

You can pay what you owe or enroll in a payment agreement to avoid having a lien sold on your property. If you apply and are approved for the not-for-profit property tax exemption, your property will not be included in the lien sale.

Please check the "Properties Eligible for the Lien Sale" lists on the DOF Lien Sales page to see if your property is at risk of being included in the lien sale.

At Risk Postings

The Department of Finance lists the properties that are at risk of being included in the lien sale online. We also post a list of the not-for-profit organizations at risk of being included in the sale that have received the not-for-profit tax exemption within the last five years. If your organization received the exemption in the past five years, and the property in question continues to be used for exempt purposes, you may be eligible to receive the exemption. Contact us for assistance.