How to get help

Not-for-profit inquiries

Do you have questions about your not-for-profit benefit? The Department of Finance can help you with inquiries about the application process and the status of your application.

If you have questions about applying for or receiving benefits, please submit an inquiry. Be sure to have the property’s address or borough, block, and lot (BBL) number available.

Not-for-profit ombudsperson

The not-for-profit ombudsperson can help identify and resolve issues with your benefit decision, but only after you have received a determination from the Department of Finance approving, denying, or revoking your benefits.

If you have received a notice approving, denying, or revoking your benefits, and you have a question or concern, contact the not-for-profit ombudsperson. (The ombudsperson cannot help you with questions about your application’s status.)