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Early Intervention

Early Intervention Information for Families


INCLUDEnyc works to bring equity and access to young people with all disabilities in NYC by providing them and their families the resources and support they need.

They have an extensive list of resources for learning and school, family support, parenting and advocacy, employment, and social resources.

Directory of INCLUDEnyc Resources

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INCLUDEnyc Helpline

INCLUDEnyc has a help line with specialists that can provide in-depth, one-to-one help and referral information.

  • Hours: Monday-Thursday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM
  • English Phone: 212-677-4660
  • English Text: 646-693-3175
  • Llame: 212-677-4668
  • Texto: 646-693-3157

INCLUDEnyc Helpline Information

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Early Childhood Direction Center

The Early Childhood Direction Center (ECDC), provides information and referral services for children with disabilities ages birth through five, as well as professional development and technical assistance for families and preschool providers to improve results for preschool students with disabilities.

Early Childhood Direction Center Locations

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New York State Special Education Parent Centers

The NYS Special Education Parent Centers provide parents of children with disabilities with information, resources, and strategies to:

  • Promote their meaningful involvement in their children's education programs, including information regarding the special education process (referrals, individual evaluations and individualized education program development and transition planning); assist in understanding their children's disabilities;
  • Promote early resolution of disputes between parents and school districts;
  • Promote the use of resolution sessions and special education mediation;
  • Assist in understanding procedural due process rights, including the right to impartial hearings and appeals and the State complaint process; and
  • Enhance parents' skills and levels of confidence to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with other schools and other stakeholders to advocate and actively participate in their children's education program.

INCLUDEnyc is the Early Childhood and School-Age Family and Community Engagement Center (FACE) for all five boroughs. 

INCLUDEnyc Contact Information 
116 E. 16th Street, 5th fl.
New York, New York 10003

Phone: 212-677-4660 (English)
Phone: 212-677-4668 (Spanish)
Fax: 212-254-4070
Contact Emails:

Rich Overton, Manager of Program Operations,

Parent & Family Services on IncludeNYC Website

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Local Early Intervention Coordinating Council (LEICC)

LEICC is an advisory group by the NYC Commission of Health and Mental Hygiene. The members consist of parents of infants and toddlers with disabilities or parents of children aged three to twelve with disabilities, representatives of other city agencies, and providers of early intervention services. The LEICC meets in an open forum on a regular basis.

More Information about the Local Intervention Coordinating Council (LEICC)

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Eden II's Little Miracles Preschool

Little Miracles offers a center-based full day program to 3-5 year-old children with Autism or PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder).

Programming focuses on learning readiness skills, academics, social skills, play skills and self-help skills.

75 Skyline Drive
Staten Island NY, 10304

Phone: 718-727-8202

Little Miracles Preschool Website

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Helen Keller Services for the Blind Children's Program

Home-based early intervention service for infants and toddlers (0-3 years), center-based early intervention services for infants and toddlers (0-2), and Full-day preschool (3-5 years of age).

Helen Keller Services for the Blind Children's Program Website

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