Disability-Specific Resources

Communication Assistance/TTY/Captioning

New York Public Library TTY Loaner Program

There is also a loaner TTY program available through the New York City Public Libraries.
For more information on these loaner programs please contact the Public Library in your borough.
New York Public Library List

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All HANDS IN MOTION Professional Sign Language Interpreters, LLC

Local community-grown boutique company offering a variety of services that includes American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, tactile interpreting, oral transliteration, speech-to-text transcription, and community recreation initiatives. Bound by confidentiality and a strong desire to be of service, our contractors are professionals determined to make communication as seamless as possible.

  • Phone: 718-997-0472
  • Email: Interpreting@allhandsinmotion.com


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Center for Hearing and Communication

Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC), founded in 1910, is a private, not-for-profit rehabilitation agency that provides high quality services to empower infants, children and adults affected by hearing loss, deafness, or listening challenges. CHC offers state-of-the-art hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, emotional health counseling, speech therapy and educational support services.

50 Broadway 6th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Center for Hearing and Communication Website

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International Hearing Dog, Inc.

Organization that provides hearing dogs that are custom-trained according to individual needs. Additional training for wheelchair users is available. Application available on their website.

5901 E. 89th Avenue
Henderson, CO 80640

  • Phone/TTY: 303-287-3277
  • E-Mail: info@hearingdog.org

International Hearing Dog Application
International Hearing Dog Website

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Verizon New York Equipment Program

If an individual is receiving benefits from the state (SNAP benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.) they are eligible for one free phone every five years. This phone could be an amplified phone, large button phone, or a cordless phone. 

If you are not receiving these benefits you are still eligible for one of these phones at a discounted price.

Phone: 888-774-4678

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