Prevailing & Living Wages

Prevailing & Living Wage

Prevailing wage requirements apply to public work projects and building services in New York City under the State Labor Law. City law establishes living wage requirements for certain types of contracts for building services, day care, Head Start, home care, food services, temporary workers and services to persons with cerebral palsy.

In New York City, Prevailing Wage and Living Wage rates are determined and kept up to date by the New York City Comptroller. The prevailing rates of wages and supplements are determined annually on July 1 of each year and are effective through June 30, e.g. July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016. Prevailing rates are generally determined through collective bargaining agreements between bona fide labor organizations and employers of the private sector, provided that said employers employ at least 30% of workers in the same trade or occupation in the locality where the work is being performed.

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