Board & Office Operations

The District Office is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

The District Office is responsible for receiving and resolving complaints from community residents by working with City agencies. The Board office also supports Community Board committee work and works with the Committee Chairs to schedule items on committee agendas. The office also processes applications voted on by the Board for sidewalk café and liquor licenses and permits for block parties and street fairs in addition, the Board may handle special projects, depending on community needs.

The Community Board office has a staff of four.

Susan Stetzer is the District Manager. The DM is responsible for the operation of the District Office which includes implementing procedures to improve the delivery of City services to the district. Once a project is approved by the Board or the Board sets a policy, the DM is responsible for implementing that policy.

Carl Shumate, Assistant District Manager, serves as the assistant administrator of the Community Board Office and supports the DM. in implementing the policies and actions of the Chair, full board and committees. He coordinates with constituents, city agencies and elected officials' offices, and manages specific projects related to budget priorities, land use and service delivery as needed.

Edwin Chan, Senior Community Associate, prepares the monthly agenda and issues notices for committee meetings, and works with liquor license and sidewalk café applicants. He also maintains the Board's database for mailing lists as well as the Board website.

Derdra Starkes, Community Associate, receives and processes complaints and is responsible for public information and prepares the monthly newsletter. She also works with Community Board committees and prepares the monthly committee packages and works with applicants for street fairs and block parties.

The above is a brief overview of Community Board responsibilities with residents. Please contact the Board office for help in any area. If we cannot help you, we will try to direct you to an appropriate agency or organization.