Executive Committee

Primary Committees

Health, Seniors, & Human Services / Youth, Education, & Human Rights

The Human Services Committee deals with social services: drug treatment programs, homeless shelters, services for the mentally/physically disabled, special needs housing, fair share criteria, and hospital advisory committees, and services for seniors. The Youth and Education Committee deals with educational facilities and services and programs funded by the Department of Youth and Community Development as well as addressing issues related to the youth of this community. In addition, the committee takes positions on issues dealing with human rights, inherent to all human beings, regardless of nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status.

Land Use, Zoning, Public & Private Housing

This Committee deals with the use and disposition city-owned property, ULURP (Uniformed Land Use Review Procedure), UDAAP (Urban Development Action Area Program), and BSA (Board of Standards and Appeals) applications, City Planning Zoning Amendments, the New York City Housing Authority, and the New York City Housing Preservation and Development Department.

Parks, Recreation, Waterfront, & Resiliency

This Committee deals with proposals for parks, block parties, recreation programs, and waterfront development.

SLA & DCA Licensing

This Committee deals with applications for wine/beer and full liquor licenses for restaurants/bars, complaints regarding the operation of these businesses and applications for sidewalk cafe and cabaret permits.

Transportation, Public Safety, Sanitation & Environment

This Committee deals with transportation, NYC Transit Authority, NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission, Department of Design and Construction, Police, Sanitation, Mayor's Office of Emergency Management, and Environmental Protection.

Secondary Committees

Arts & Cultural Affairs

This Committee is a hub for local artists and cultural institutions in CB 3 and organizes an annual town hall to assess needs of local arts community in CB 3.

Economic Development

This Committee works to strengthen the local economy through support of small businesses, advocate for local hiring practices, and seeking to ensure that all residents' goods and services needs can be met locally in the District. Recent work has focused on enhancing diversity among CB 3's small businesses and supporting local merchants' organizing efforts.


This Committee reviews Certificates of Appropriateness applications. These applications are for work that affects the significant, protected features of a landmarked building or any proposed changes that do not meet Landmarks Preservation Commission guidelines for staff approval. The applicant is required to notify the community board for advisory recommendation before the Commission holds a public hearing. The committee may also hear and vote to support recommendations for landmarking buildings and historic districts.

Task Forces

Cannabis Control

This Task Force is reviewing the cannabis application.

Personnel and Board Member Matters

This Task Force reviews personnel and board member matters.

Community Advisory Boards

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