Landmark Violation Search

This search tool allows you to look up information on landmark violations. It provides the status of the violation (Warning Letter, Notice of Violation or Summons) and a description of the violation(s). To learn more about violations and how to correct them, see our Violations page or contact the Public Information Desk.

Note: The results provided by this search tool are not a substitute for a title search or other forms of legal due diligence. Violations may change from active to rescinded over time as they are corrected and/or removed. If you have any questions or want information on violations rescinded prior to January 1, 2020, please contact the Public Information Desk. To obtain a copy of an active or rescinded violation, please contact the Records Access Unit. If you suspect there are violations against a property not displayed in the results, please contact the Enforcement Department.

Search by one or more of the fields below. It is very important that an accurate address is entered.