How to Report Illegal Work or Landmarks in Disrepair

When work is done on a landmark property without a permit, when work does not comply with a permit, or when a landmark building is not maintained in a condition of good repair, this is a violation of the Landmarks Law.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) receives approximately 500-800 complaints for illegal work or landmarks in disrepair annually. Every complaint is investigated. Complaints can be submitted anonymously in any of the following ways:

Please  submit any supporting documentation, including photographs. This information can be very helpful and may expedite the investigation. 

When a complaint is received about possible illegal work or a landmark in disrepair, enforcement staff will investigate to determine whether or not there is a violation to the Landmarks Law. Staff often visits the property to assess and document possible illegal conditions. Staff also reviews historic photographs and other relevant records. 

If staff determines that an owner has done the work without a permit or has failed to maintain the landmark in good repair, LPC may take enforcement action.