Landmark Status Letter

Upon request, the Landmarks Preservation Commission will issue a letter stating the landmark status of a property.  In order to request a Landmark Status Letter, please follow the directions below.  It is important that you fully complete the spreadsheet below and follow all instructions in order for your request to be processed. 

To find out whether a property is a landmark, please refer to the Discover NYC Landmarks map and search by address.


1. Download and complete this spreadsheet.  Please be sure to include all information regarding the requested property, including address, borough, block and lot, and requestor contact information.  If the request is for multiple properties, include each property on a separate line (with no spaces).

2. For each property request, attach an image file, screen shot or PDF of the DOB Building Information Search (BIS) “Property Profile Overview” page.

3. Email your completed spreadsheet (not in PDF format) and BIS information to

4. Incomplete requests will not be processed.

5. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request.

Please note:  All requests and inquiries should be emailed to, and the agency will only provide responses by email.  No faxes or phone call requests will be accepted.