The Landmarks Preservation Commission consists of approximately 80 archaeologists, architects, attorneys, administrators, historians, preservationists, and researchers, most of who work in one of the agency's four departments: Research, Preservation, Enforcement, and Archaeology. The Commission also administers a Historic Preservation Grant Program and has an Environmental Review Unit that's responsible for assisting state and City agencies with the environmental review process.



The Research department evaluates the cultural, historical, and architectural significance of New York City's buildings and sites to determine whether they are eligible for consideration as individual landmarks, interior landmarks, scenic landmarks, or historic districts.



The Preservation department is responsible for reviewing permit applications from property owners, issuing permits for certain kinds of work to landmarked buildings and sites, and preparing applications for review by the full Commission.



Alterations to a landmarked property without LPC permits or work that is not in compliance with an existing LPC permit are considered violations of the Landmarks Law. The Enforcement department is charged with investigating reports of alleged violations, and helping owners correct them.



The Archaeology department is responsible for assessing whether certain proposed projects affect New York City's archaeological resources. The department makes this determination for work that's subject to environmental review regulations or involves some landmark sites.


Environmental Review

LPC's Environmental Review department is responsible for helping federal, state, and City agencies with the environmental review process by assessing the potential impacts of certain projects on New York City's historic and archaeological resources.


Historic Preservation Grant Program

The Historic Preservation Grant Program (HPGP) provides façade restoration grants to non-profit organizations and income-eligible owners of landmarked buildings, buildings that are being considered for landmark status or buildings deemed eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.


Department Heads and Senior Staff

Meet the agency's department heads and senior staff.