Eligible Representative

Normally, the registered owner of a vehicle disputes his or her own parking ticket. However, you can dispute a parking ticket on behalf of someone else. For example, you may have a hearing for a ticket you received while driving a car that is registered to a friend or family member. You may also dispute a ticket on behalf of a friend or family member who is out of the country or too ill to attend a hearing.

Appearance requirements:

  • Spouse of Registered Owner - If you have the same last name and address, no authorization is required. If you have different last names and/or addresses you must bring proof of marriage.
  • Registered Domestic Partner of Registered Owner - You must bring proof of your domestic partnership.
  • Other Family Member or Friend of Registered Owner - You must bring a notarized letter from the car's registered owner authorizing you to dispute the ticket.

For more details and information, read our brochures on the Dispute a Ticket page.