Diplomats and Consular Staff

Foreign diplomats and consular officials, or a member of their staff, can dispute a parking ticket issued on a vehicle with Department of State license plates. Submit a Parking Violation Response Form and a Review Panel will review your submission.


If Your Designated Parking Space Has Been Illegally Occupied by Another Vehicle

You can challenge a parking ticket if a vehicle illegally occupied your designated space. Please use our Diplomat / Consular Illegal Parking Report Form.

Your Right to Appeal the Panel's Decision

If you disagree with the Review Panel's decision, you have the right to request an appeal by filing a Parking Violation Appeal for Diplomatic and Consular Personnel form. The following rules apply:

  • The appeal must be filed within 30 days of the Review Panel's decision date.

  • Only the registered owner/operator of the vehicle or the registered owner's authorized representative can request an appeal.

  • Appeals are conducted by mail or in person. Mail your Notice of Parking Violation Appeal For Diplomats form to the address on the form. If you would like an in-person hearing, check the box on the form for an in-person hearing and you will be notified of the time and date.
  • If you cannot make the scheduled appointment, you must notify the Diplomatic Parking Appeals Panel, in writing, at least three days before your review date.

Monthly Violation Lists

All foreign diplomatic consulates located in New York City receive a monthly list of outstanding parking violations on plates designated for their country by the Office of Foreign Missions.