CityPay for OATH-Adjudicated ECB Violations – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, you can pay using an e-check. If you are a corporation making an electronic check (e-Check) or Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment, please contact your banking institution to provide them with the appropriate ACH company ID (A136400434) and name (NYC ECB FINES) to allow for the removal of any ACH debit block which may affect the processing of your payment so that the payment is not rejected. If your payment is returned unpaid by your bank, the Department of Finance may send you a bill for the amount due, which may include additional charges, such as penalties and interest.

Please note that due to timing issues in the docketing process, certain violations listed as docketed judgments on the NYC CityPay site are not actually docketed and will not become docketed judgments until the docketing process is completed. During this period, certain violations may appear to be docketed judgments before being settlement-eligible; once they become docketed, they may be eligible for a settlement. If this occurs for your violation, and you were unable to pay a settlement amount, please return to CityPay the following month. If you need assistance, please contact 311.

If you entered your OATH ID correctly, it may be that there are no new charges on your account and no new bill ready for you to pay. If you have entered your OATH ID correctly and you know that you owe money on your account, please contact the Department of Finance. When you contact us, please provide your OATH ID and the date that you tried to find your bill.

The search will display a maximum of 200 violations. If you have additional violations, they will not display until you have made payments on the violations listed here. Should you have additional questions, you may contact the Department of Finance via our online portal.

If your ECB violation is blocked from online payment, it has been referred to either the Sheriff or a New York City marshal for collection. For more information on how to pay your blocked ECB violation, please contact the Department of Finance via our Customer Service Portal.

For more information about OATH-Adjudicated ECB Judgments Settlement Program, visit the Department of Finance’s OATH-Adjudicated ECB Judgments Settlement Program page.