Fire Suppression Application Plan Review

The following is needed:

Applications must have plans that include a plot plan, to scale, indicating the location of the system in relation to the rest of the building. Additionally, the FP application must distinguish the source of the system, water or chemical. 

Additional Information:

Fire Suppression Application Plan Review – Process + Fees

  • Applications must be submitted at DOB Borough offices and must include standard DOB forms, such as the PW1, along with the plans for the proposed work.
  • These applications now include the new prior to approval required item the FD Fire Suppression Plan Review Fee.
  • The DOB application is determined and paid during the Pre-filing / Application processing.
  • The FDNY plan review fee of $210.00 and must be paid prior to the approval of the Fire Suppression application.
  • For upgrading an existing Fire Suppression system, applicants should continue to file at FDNY 9 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn NY, there is no change the review process for existing systems.

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