Liquefied Petroleum Gas Permit

Permit Description

A permit is required to store, handle or use LPG in quantities exceeding 400 standard cubic feet (approximately 47 lbs.). Refer to the following table for permit amounts requiring a permit:

LPG Container CapacityNumber of Containers Requiring Permit
14.1 oz 54
16.4 oz 46
20 lbs 3
33.5 lbs 2
40 lbs 2
100 lbs 1

Examples of storage that require a permit are for LPG stored for hi-lo’s and mobile food carts, propane exchange facilities, LPG utilized at street fairs, and camping size (16.4 oz. containers) for sale at retail businesses.

A permit IS NOT required for stationary LPG installations in One and Two Family residential occupancies and/or the storage and use of LPG in the fuel tank of a motor vehicle, aircraft, marine vessel or watercraft for motive power.

Cost of Permit
Stationary Storage $210.00
Transportation/Mobile Food Truck $105.00

Permit Length

Permit Length Varies

Application Requirements

Stationary Storage of Propane:

  • NYC Department of Buildings approved plans are to be submitted to FDNY Technology Management Unit for review.
  • Once the design and installation documents have been approved, you must schedule an inspection of the premises.
  • Once the inspection is completed and you pass, a bill will be sent.
  • When the bill is paid, a permit will be mailed to you.

Street Fairs or Other Similar Outdoor Events:

  • Certificate of fitness for use of LPG at Outdoor Events and for Mobile Cooking (Type: G-23)
  • If applicable, a permit issued by the Mayor’s Street Activity Permit Office.  Click here to verify if you need to obtain one.

Mobile Food Trucks:

  • Certificate of fitness for use of LPG at Outdoor Events and for Mobile Cooking
    COF G-23
  • Visual D.O.T. inspection of mobile food truck, to include verification that motor vehicle inspection stickers are up to date.
  •  Verify if mobile food truck is over 10,000 lbs., of which would require the vehicle to have a D.O.T. number.
  • Check of required hazard signs on LPG storage cabinet.
  • Minimum rated 20:B-C portable fire extinguisher.
  • LPG tanks are secured and protected.

Construction Sites:

  • Department of Buildings Work Permit
  •  Certificate of Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Certificates of fitness for storage, handling, and/or use of LPG

Additional Information

Get the Following Fire Code Chapters:

Need Help?

For assistance with applying for and receiving Permits and Letters of Approval on FDNY Business, contact the FDNY Customer Service Center by dialing 311, or via email at

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