Hot Work Operations Permit

Permit Description

A permit is required to conduct hot work using oxygen and a flammable gas, such as acetylene or propane. 

Cost of Permit


There may be additional fees associated with storage of cylinders utilized for hot work operations as well.  Inspection unit will review such fees at time of inspection.

Permit Length

For construction sites, expiration will coincide with the Department of Buildings (or Authority Having Jurisdiction) work permit expiration date.

For site-specific operations, such as repair garages or metal fabrication, permit length is 1 year.

Citywide permits are for 1 year, but require the permit holder to conduct hot work operations at any individual location so long as such operation does not exceed 30 calendar days and all hazardous materials associated with such activity are removed from the location at the end of the workday.

Application Requirements

Construction Sites:

  • UL listed and approved torch and associated equipment
  • Letter of request on official business letterhead.
  • Proof of Liability Insurance.
  • Department of Buildings (DOB) or Authority Having Jurisdiction work permit.

Site-specific inspection (District Office Unit):

  • UL listed and approved torch and associated equipment
  • Certificate of Occupancy or Department of Building approval.
  • Official business documentation, such as Tax ID, liability insurance.

City-wide inspection (Hazardous Cargo Unit):

  • UL listed and approved torch and associated equipment
  • Proof of Liability Insurance.
  • If transporting your own compressed gases associated with hot work, vehicle will undergo a visual DOT inspection.

Certificate of Fitness:

G-60 (PDF): Torch Use of Flammable Gases for Hot Work Operations
F-60 (PDF):  Fire Guard for Torch Operations (Construction sites)

Additional Information

For More Information:

For construction sites, email FDNY CDA Unit at:

For site-specific permits, email Fire Prevention District Office Headquarters at: or call (718) 403-4001 or 4003.

For city-wide permits, contact Fire Prevention Hazardous Cargo Unit at (718) 752-0296.

Get the Following Fire Code Chapters:

Need Help?

For assistance with applying for and receiving Permits and Letters of Approval on FDNY Business, contact the FDNY Customer Service Center by dialing 311, or via email at

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