Compressed Gases Permit

Permit Description

A permit is required to store, handle or use compressed gases in quantities exceeding those set forth as follows:

Type of GasQuantity (SCF)
Corrosive (e.g. ammonia) 400
Flammable (e.g. acetylene, propane) 400
Highly toxic Any Quantity
Nonflammable and nonoxidizing, except carbon dioxide 3,000
Carbon dioxide 4,500
Oxidizing 504
Pyrophoric Any Quantity
Toxic Any Quantity
Unstable (reactive) Any Quantity
Water reactive Any Quantity

Cost of Permit

  • Fees range from $105 to $210 depending on the type and quantity of compressed gases.  Inspection unit will review such fees at time of inspection.

Permit Length

  • Varies depending on type of specific storage, handling and use, such as if compressed gases will be utilized at a construction site or for purposes at a premises.

Application Requirements

  • Certificate of Occupancy or Department of Building approval.
  • Official business documentation, such as Tax ID, liability insurance.
  • Certificate of Fitness:
    G-98 Handling, Use and Storage of Flammable Compressed Gases

Additional Information