Combustible Material Storage Permit

Permit Description

A permit is required to store in any building, structure, premises or facility:

  • More than 2,000 cubic feet gross volume of combustible empty packing cases, boxes, barrels or similar containers, rubber (excluding tires), cork or similar combustible material, including combustible waste, OR
  • More than 1,000 pounds of flammable plastic foam products, regardless of volume.

A permit is NOT REQUIRED for such storage:

  • In buildings or structures protected throughout by a sprinkler system.
  • If the storage is kept exclusively in a dedicated area of a building or structure which is protected throughout by a sprinkler system and separated from the rest of the building or structure by 2-hour fire-resistance-rated construction.
Cost of Permit
Store more than 2,000 cubic feet (57 m3) $105.00
Store flammable plastic foam:
Up to and including 6,000 pounds (2724 kg) $105.00
More than 6,000 pounds (2724 kg) $210.00

Permit Length 

  • A FDNY inspector will visit the premise annually and perform an inspection prior to permit expiration

Application Requirements 

  • Certificate of Occupancy or Department of Buildings Approval. 
  • Official business documentation, such as Tax ID, liability insurance, etc. 

Additional Information 

Get the Following Fire Code Chapter:

  • Fire Code Chapter 23 (PDF)
  • Also Falls Under Various Other Chapter With Respect to Proper Storage and Maintance.

Need Help?

For assistance with applying for and receiving Permits and Letters of Approval on FDNY Business, contact the FDNY Customer Service Center by dialing 311, or via email at

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